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Tried-and-tested Benefits Of Timber Picket Fence Explained

Homeowners, especially in Melbourne, always put safety and protection at the top of their priority list. But they also want to keep their homes aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

Property owners opt to install fences, to protect their homes and get that great aesthetic appeal. 

It also adds more privacy and makes the property homier, especially if they pick the timber picket fence for their exteriors. 

Timber picket fences also come with other practical benefits aside from the above-mentioned factors. Here are some of its perks: 

Fast Installation and Repair

Installing a timber picket fence is simple and hassle-free. The installation of this fixture requires stakes or singular pickets.

Not only will the installation be faster, it will also be convenient for you and your team.

Some wooden pickets naturally get damaged over time. Even the highest quality fencing Melbourne can give you will cave to the wear and tear.

Timber picket fences do not require you to replace the whole fencing at all. You can simply fix or replace the damaged ones – saving you time and money in the long run.


Choosing timber fencing allows you to style your home based on your liking. It provides a wide range of options giving you a catchy style and a degree of privacy.

Timber can adapt seamlessly to the natural backdrop compared to other fencing materials like metals.

It offers a great aesthetic to your garden. A fence made of other materials often doesn’t work if you live in a natural setting.

You may also ask your installation team to build your fence in both high and low installations, depending on your needs and preferences.  


Timber fencing is the least expensive and most practical residential fencing solution. Its material is more affordable to buy in bulk than steel.

This makes its market value lower compared to other fencing materials. All that without sacrificing your security and chosen design. 

There’s a wide selection to choose from, be it basic or more on the decorative side.


Consider timber as one of the most environmentally friendly fencing materials today. 

The trees that produce timber fences can be replanted and regrown after use. It can help reduce the impact of cutting trees on the environment.

You can also recycle the parts that were removed from your timber fence to create other wooden finishings. The unworkable ones can be used as fuel for your backyard fire pit.


Installing timber fences in your home allows you to keep trespassers and wild animals from damaging your property.

Guaranteed protection without compromising the aesthetics of your property. It keeps your home’s charming and inviting vibe with protection within its core.

Always look for a trustworthy fencing installation company in your area. These experts can recommend the sturdiest and most stylish timber fence for you.

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We fully understand your needs for home protection and design. This is why we always guarantee a job well done in all of our services.

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