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Make a statement with your old fence without the cost or hassle of replacing your entire fence.

When you buy a new home, or perhaps some new neighbours move in, it often triggers a need to increase the height of your fence. Or, you may wish to increase the height for aesthetic reasons. There really is nothing like a beautiful high fence to make a statement and create contrast for plants and trees.

At Melbourne Fencing Services we offer a wide variety of fencing alternatives to suit your individual palette. Whether it’s a wooden fence extension or a new age steelor colorbond fence extension we can offer a wide variety for you to choose from.

Unlike building a brand new fence, if your existing fence footings are sound and you know your local council maximum height regulations a new fence extension can be done quickly and without fuss.

It can bring an old fence back to life and give your garden or boundary at a price that won’t break the budget. We can do a quick site visit and tell you exactly what it will take and cost to lift your garden and compliment and add value to your home.  

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