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Timber Picket Style Melbourne Fencing: The Best Way to Add Privacy and Style to Your Garden or Outdoor Area

Factors to Consider before Choosing a Picket Fence

When choosing a picket fence there are a number of factors to consider including:



The height of your fence may be low for a cottage garden effect, or you may opt for a higher fence that is more grand and creates some privacy and security for your home. You may need to contact your local council if you are opting for a high picket fence. Its important to note that the height of your fence is taken from the highest point of your fence, not the average height of your fence. So its usually taken from the post capping height.

Type of Pickets

There are many types of pickets to choose from and really there is no right or wrong here. It’s very much a matter of personal choice.

There are many appealing styles to choose from including Gothic, Carlton, Windsor, Square, Lonsdale, Round and Pointed.


There is also motifs that can be cut out of the pickets themselves of ten of flowers accentuate the garden. Motifs are very popular when a square picket is used in order to dress up the picket a little.

Usually the motif is not on all pickets but every now and then we put one into the mix to break things up a little ands create a design edge to your fence. Always try to match the style to your home where possible.

Post Types

You will also need to choose a post type. You can choose from a two way or 4 way round head post, pyramid, star, picket post etc. The width and shape of the post is also something to consider. If you have hidden posts you can have a rectangular post but if exposed posts then square posts are more popular.

Hamptons and Other Styles

There are also Hamptons style picket fences where the pickets are actually capped at the top. Refer to the picture we have included to show you what’s involved.

Historical Period

Consider also the era in which your home was built and its style. For example a Victorian home usually has a classic picket style without any capping over the pickets themselves i.e. not a Hamptons style..

Exposed or Hidden Posts

Do you want your posts exposed or hidden. Usually if you have a long fence then it is good to break up the fence by having exposed posts. If your frontage is small then hiding the posts would be less of a busy look.

Size of Plinth Board

Depending on the height of your fence you may choose a high or low plinth board. Usually there are some standard rules for these.

Timber Picket Style Fences are Perfectly Secure and Durable

If you don’t have a fence but want one, there’s no better way than with a timber picket fence. Made up of wood, these fences are attached by horizontal rails, tapering at the top with pointed ends. But what makes these fences so special?

For one thing, they’re sturdy: they’re made from solid wood and will last for decades without needing maintenance or repair. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to install yourself—just like any other type of wooden fence.

The only downside is that they do require some upkeep every now and then: you’ll need to remove weeds from time to time when planting new plants or flowers near your fence line, and you’ll also need to give them a good scrub every couple of years if you want them looking their best! But if you love having an outdoor space that’s perfectly manicured all year long—and especially if you have pets who love running around outside.

Living in the country means being surrounded by nature. But it also means being surrounded by animals, and that’s something you want to keep out of your garden. These fences are versatile in that they can be used to define boundaries in any space, from patios and porches to backyards and front yards. Luckily, there’s a great solution for you: timber picket fences!

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    Add a Touch of Style to your Yard with our Fences

    The timber picket fence is a unique, decorative feature that acts as a safe and functional barrier to keep your kids and pets away from hazardous areas. It also provides a beautiful focal point for your yard or garden, so you can enjoy the view while enjoying the benefits of outdoor space.

    The garden fence timber is made lightweight and easy to install. Its expanded aluminium posts are strong enough to support your weight, but will not damage the fence surface or other plants. The top rail features a lattice pattern that adds a distinctive touch to your landscape without being too obtrusive.

    The garden fence timber is designed for outdoor use and can be used on borders, walls and patios. It is strong enough to support your weight but does not damage the fence surface or other plants. The lattice pattern on the top rail adds a distinctive touch to your landscape without being too obtrusive.

    Timber batten fences are a phenomenal method for adding a wood component to your house. Timber battens look fabulous inside and outside. They are great for use in screening, fencing, linings, highlight walls and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Melbourn fencing company has an extensive variety of timber batten fences species and sizes accessible.

    Timber batten fences are available in a range of different styles, colours and finishes to suit any home or garden. Our timber batten fences come with a 10 year guarantee against rot, mould or decay. A simple maintenance schedule will keep your timber batten fences looking beautiful for years to come!

    Melbourne fencing works is the largest installer of timber batten fences in Australia. We provide a full installation service including all materials, labour costs and installation instructions through our national network of approved installers throughout Australia.

    The timber picket fence for sale is available at three different heights:

    We have a lot of options when it comes to the best types of timber picket fences. Here is a quick guide on what we consider the best for your needs.

      • Western Red Cedar:

    Western Red Cedar is one of our favourite choices for homeowners. It is known for its durability and strength, as well as its resistance to mould and rot. Western Red Cedar has a beautiful red colour that pairs well with many different styles, from traditional to modern.

      • Siberian Larch:

    Siberian Larch is another excellent choice for homeowners looking for a durable and beautiful fence that will last through years of use without maintenance or repair. This wood has a unique look that can be used in any style of fence, including colonial and ranch styles and modern designs that are popular among homeowners today.

      • Iroko and other exotic hardwoods:

    Iroko and other exotic hardwoods are also great options for fence posts. They’re beautiful, they look like they belong on a house instead of a fence, and they’re not as expensive as other types of woods such as WRC or SL (but still more expensive than bamboo).

      • Alaskan Yellow Cedar:

    Alaskan Yellow Cedar is another popular choice for fencing because it’s lightweight enough to use as part of an open-air space where there are no trees nearby (like your backyard). The wood is also resistant to rot.

      • Ayous:

    Ayous which is heat treated is a great choice for picket fences. It’s a salt water-resistant wood, which means it’s stronger than many other trees, and it’s also durable and long-lasting. This tree will last over 200 years, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it every few years. You can use this wood in your fence in any season, but the best time to plant this tree is in spring or fall when the temperatures are lower.

    Uses of Timber Picket Fence

    • The timber picket fence is a practical and cost-effective option for your home.
    • It’s made from natural materials, so there’s no need for you to worry about the health of the environment. It is also used to make these fences durable, weather-resistant and resistant to pests. The timber picket fence is well maintained, so it won’t have any issues with rotting or rotting over time.
    • The garden fence timber is also very easy to install yourself with just a few simple tools! You can get started on your project right away. And if you do have any questions, our friendly customer service team is available 24/7 to help you out. Making sure that your questions are answered quickly and efficiently so that you can get on with the important things in life!
    • If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to build a fence in your yard, then look no further than a timber fence!

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      Timber Picket Style Fence - A Fence with Many Benefits

      The timber picket fence is one of the most popular and beautiful fences on the market. It has been around since the Middle Ages when it was first used as a boundary marker between properties. Nowadays, it’s more commonly used to delineate gardens, yards, and even driveways. Picket fences pale and are extremely versatile—they can be used to create privacy screens or decorative features in your home or garden. One of the biggest benefits of timber picket fences is that they’re safe for children and pets along with plants. They don’t require electrical wiring, and they have no sharp points or edges where kids could get hurt if they fall off. Timber picket fences also look great in any garden setting, from country estates to urban backyards; whether you prefer rustic farmhouse charm or modern sleekness, your choice of material will determine how elegant your fence looks! Get in touch with our experts professional Click to get a free best quote.
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