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Colorbond Fence: What Makes It A Good Choice?

One of the things every homeowner must pay attention to is the quality of the fence to use for your property. It will help protect your home and make it more stylish at the same time. 

The Colorbond fence has remained one of Australia’s top choices for over 50 years. 

It can withstand the country’s harsh weather conditions, which is why it is common to see rows of black Colorbond fence installations in most neighbourhoods.

These are the things that will help you decide if you’re seriously considering a Colorbond fence for your home.

What is a Colorbond Fence? 

First-time homeowners may have yet to learn what a Colorbond fence is and why it is popular in Australia. 

Colorbond is a brand of pre-painted fencing made of steel. It is famous for its durability and strength. It is also specifically developed to conform to Australia’s climate. 

In addition, this fencing solution has a plethora of panel designs and styles to choose from.

What are the Most Sought-After Colorbond Fence Colours? 

Having an idea on what colour to choose for your fence is the start of your decision process. 

Some of the most popular Colorbond fencing colours are: 


Ask your trusted experts to use this shade if you want an urban-inspired and neutral exterior. 

This colour characterises a deep and bold grey. It matches neutral shades of whites, silvered greys, and luxurious timbers. 

Woodland Grey 

Be inspired by Australia’s picturesque coastal scrub and inland bush areas with this dark grey-green shade of Colorbond fences. It suits most rural and suburban properties. 

Imagine a country-style home surrounded by lush greeneries in the backdrop with this colour. This is your go-to colour if you prefer this setting. 


Living in the city does not mean you cannot replicate Australia’s rich native bushland. This shade will give your property a fresher, more scenic exterior.

This colour fits perfectly with warm exterior materials like red textured or charcoal bricks, terracotta pavement and the like. It also suits any garden with lush native plants. 


This is the perfect colour if you prefer the look of home exteriors with gold undertones. It exudes a refreshing feel to any yard. 

This colour is neutral, yet it comes with a slight touch of warmth. It is a common choice for large estates and rental homes aiming to be noticed by passersby. 

What are the Sizes Available for Colorbond Fences? 

The fence sheets offered by Colorbond come in a wide range of widths and heights. It allows you to customise the fence according to your needs. 

The most common fence sheet widths from Colorbond include:

  • 2380mm (3 sheets)
  • 3150mm (4 sheets)

On the other hand, options for height  include: 

  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1800mm
  • 2100mm

You may mix and match the Colorbond fence width and height to suit your style and requirements. 

What is the Lifespan of Colorbond Fences? 

You should be aware of the lifespan of a Colorbond fence should you choose this path. This will help you manage your expectations. 

The brand’s 50-year operation proved the longevity of its products. It could withstand 20 to 25 years without fade – no need for varnishing, repainting or oiling. 

It is the reason why it became a favourite among Australian homeowners. 

It also adds to the consumer’s peace of mind that it comes with a 10-year Bluescope steel warranty.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for a Colorbond Fence? 

You must allocate at least $11 to $60 per metre to install a Colorbond fence at home. The amount varies depending on the panel size and the style you intend to use. 

It is also ideal to include the costs for fixings, cement, post caps, and installation labour when calculating your budget. These factors could range from $65 to $100 for every metre. 

Contact your local fencing experts to have a ballpark figure of the fence installation costs. 

The Bottomline 

Installing Colorbond fences allows you to enjoy plenty of perks, including security and peace of mind. 

It lets you keep your property more aesthetically beautiful for a long time without the need for complicated maintenance. 

Call your trusted local fencing experts to learn more. 

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